Nov 18, 2009

Windows 7 Keyboard Tricks

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Windows 7 came out not too long ago, and with every brand new product, comes brand new features. Windows 7 comes with a variety of keyboard shortcuts to make your life a lot easier. The thing is, if you know a lot of these main keyboard shortcuts, your life will be a lot easier and it'll be significantly easier to manage your windows; hence why they named Windows the way they did.

Common Shortcuts:

  • Win + Left
    • Moves a window the left hand side of the screen and takes up half of the screen width

  • Win + Right

    • Moves a window the right hand side of the screen and takes up half of the screen width

  • Win + Up

    • Maximizes a window

  • Win + Down

    • Minimizes or restores a window

  • Win + Space

    • Allows to look at your desktop without switching over to it

  • Win + G

    • Brings all your gadgets to the front for easy view

  • Win + P

    • Allows you to view and change the options for your external monitor, that is, if you have one connected

  • Win + X

    • Opens up the Windows Mobility Center where you can customized your mobile needs

  • Win + (+ or -)

    • Ability to zoom in (+) and out (-) using just keyboard shortcuts

Explorer Shortcuts:

  • Alt + P
    • Allows you to hide/show the preview panel in the explorer window

Taskbar Shortcuts:

  • Win + (number corresponding the location on the taskbar)
    • Every program and pinned item in your taskbar has a number assigned to it from left to right in chronological order, with this key combination, you're able to switch between windows easily with the keyboard

  • Shift + Left Click on an Program

    • Opens a new instance of the program you've clicked on

  • Shift + Right Click on an Program

    • Shows the typical window menu

  • Ctrl + A click on a grouped program

    • Allows you to switch between the grouped programs


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