Oct 06, 2014

Dear Amazon, here's an idea to keep customer retention

I'm a major Amazon user... so much to the point where I got to know my UPS guy. With the 100+ orders on my account, Amazon & I are best buds and we know each other quite well. A few days…

Jul 14, 2014

Why I dislike responsive web design.

This is a very opinionated post. I look forward to hearing your feedback on Twitter. :) Recently, a good friend of mine asked me about responsive web design along with all the different kinds of implications that come with it. I've been…

Apr 07, 2014

Why is fuel economy based on MPG? - It just doesn't make sense.

Something sparked my attention recently and I just need a few paragraphs to rant about it. Why does everyone base a car's fuel economy on its miles per gallon (or liters if you're not weird like the USA :P )? It's a…

Apr 26, 2013

You don't have to "know" any programming languages

The title of this article may strike you, but let me explain. For years, I've had people ask me, "do you know Ruby", "do you know¬†PHP", and things like "I didn't know you knew¬†Haskell"; the big answer to these…

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