Sep 07, 2010

Photoshop In 5 - Creating an Aurora Wallpaper (Episode #2)

I've been making wallpaper since I can remember. The very first wallpaper I created was in Paint and it was an extremely easy (and rather amateurish if you ask me) wallpaper. Let's face it, if you ranked people on how many wallpapers they own, I would be easily on the top ten. I have over 10K wallpapers just sitting on my hard drive and 80K wallpapers that's on my external drive. People have always asked me, "why so many?" Basically, I love variety.

But when it comes to my tastes, I basically appreciate anything as a wallpaper (as long as it's appropriate... of course). I have people always asking me on Twitter, YouTube, and many other places, "Dude, where'd you get that sick wallpaper?" And every single time I get that question, I honest have no idea and would be practically impossible to find on my hard drive(s).

Ever since I started creating wallpapers (this was my first one), quite a few of my friends have been asking me about them. I'm not only a fan of graphic design, but I'm also a huge fan of fractal art. So basically, I love collecting and creating wallpapers.

So on with that jibber jabber (does anyone really say that anymore?) and on with the point of the article. For the new series I started, Photoshop In 5, I decided to do a short video on how to create simple but elegant wallpaper using a bit of Photoshop's filters. And if you want to learn how to make the snippet that you see at the top of this blog post, the (rather short) video is below!

[youtube IzrhjhHYQ5U nolink]


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