Jun 02, 2010

Looking for Great Paid Mac Apps? Let's Start a List!

When it comes to a lot of those Mac applications out there, sometimes you just don’t know what to get exactly. The time when I first got my my, I already knew of all of the popular Mac applications mainly for the fact that I read so much on the internet.

The very first application I ever install would have to be my IM client, in this case, Adium (or Pidgin on the Linux/Windows side of things). Adium is very needed for me because I have many friends who live exactly halfway across the world from where I live. Because of that exact reason, it’s hard to call them (because prices are out of their whits when it comes to international phone bills; I know I could use Skype, but sometimes that internet connect isn’t the best out there either) or even e-mail them mainly because of the time differences. So any IM client is needed for me. I always need to be in contact with all of my friends worldwide; Adium is that important.

But when you think about it, what about the paid applications? Throughout my whole computer-savvy career, I’ve bought so many applications including games, tune-up apps, management apps, and even apps that help me multitask. Granted, I get a lot of my applications from programs like MacHeist or even the MacUpdate promo. I know my way around to get deals on the web.

My main question to every Mac (please, just Mac this time) owners out there is what’s your favorite or most needed piece of shareware for the Mac? For me, because I’m very into web development, I cannot stress enough on how much I like Panic’s Coda. But I realize this might be hard for some people to fork out one application they like most, so what’s your favorite multimedia, development, internet related, utilities, and even favorite game.

For me, here’s my favorites:

Multimedia: Easily Adobe Photoshop on this one. I always have that app open because I’m always working on some design work.

Development: Without a doubt, Panic’s Coda. Granted, it doesn’t serve for iPhone development, but I do love everything about it. And of course for iPhone development, I use Xcode on that one. I actually haven’t created any app for OS X yet.

Internet Related: Tweetie! Seriously, this is one of the best designed Twitter apps of all time. I would pay Twitter to make this their web interface!

Utilities: I was actually just talking about this on Twitter. My favorite Mac utility would have to be MacPaw’s CleanMyMac. Now I haven’t bought this one just yet, but I am very close to buying it.

So those are all of my favorite Mac apps! How about you share yours and maybe, just maybe, add in a few more categories than I did? I’m probably not going to buy any Mac application for quite a while now because I just forked out quite a bit of money for Coda, but I’m always willing to try new apps.

And please remember, these are for paid Mac applications. I can name so many free ones, it’s not even funny. But hopefully, with your help, we’ll get a nice list going here so people know what to buy if they want to switch over to a Mac.


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