Oct 06, 2014

Dear Amazon, here's an idea to keep customer retention

I'm a major Amazon user... so much to the point where I got to know my UPS guy. With the 100+ orders on my account, Amazon & I are best buds and we know each other quite well.

A few days ago I purchased yet another item from Amazon, a harness for my dog. Things like this are very difficult to buy online as they're extremely size dependent (it's also the main reason why I and many others will never buy shoes online). And go figure, the product I bought was just a tad too big for her and I ended up buying a smaller one as well, "just to try on".

The fact that I had to pay more money for another size does not bother me personally, as I know I can get it back. Instead, it's returning the product that doesn't fit correctly that frustarates me the most. People buy online for the convienance factor, but when it comes to returning a product, it can be a hassle.

So Amazon, my question to you is why not just detect if a buyer is re-buying the same item, in a different size or even color, and throw in a return shipping label when the second purchase of said product arrives? Amazon could even go a step further and automatically refund me as soon as they notice the shipping label has been used. I've seen other companies do this for items that have high return rates, so why not just automate the process a bit to make everyone's life easier?

Even though this may sound simple, it has lots of potential business/consumer value:

  • No need to print out a return label (this actually costs me money as I refuse to own a printer)
  • Happier customers
  • More confident customers as they'll know Amazon has your back
  • Most likely better reviews/ratings on products with higher return rates
  • Better customer retention rate
  • Less support calls/emails/livechats in regards to the return process

Just some of my advice to Amazon to help make their service better. If you're listening Amazon, feel free to drop me an email anytime; I promise I'll still love you no matter what you say. :)

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