Apr 29, 2009

Being a Website Designer and Webmaster - Part Three

How to become a web-designer
Earlier, we discussed what tools you need to become a webmaster & designer. Now we are going to talk about the total opposite; what tools can help you to become a webmaster & designer. When we say tools, we mean things that can run on most servers to help you create and manage your website a lot easier. Here will just be a list of the tools you could use. Click on the read more text on the bottom of this blog post to find out all the pieces of software you could use on your server!

- Content Management Systems (CMS) -
A CMS is a type of software that can run on your server that can help you create your whole website. A great example of this is a piece of software called WordPress (read below to find out more). You can find that most blogs run on some type of software like WordPress. It basically helps you manage your site and keep your content organized. Although not all the time... All of the CMS's we have here support plugins, modifications, and of course templates! Now, all of these CMS's listed do not mean you can get away from HTML, PHP, CSS, and much more.

Here's a list of some CMS's:

WordPress is one of the popular CMS's out there. It's used for a lot of different cases, but one of the main features people love WordPress for is it's blogging feature. With WordPress, you're able to set up a blog easily! It can do other things, but some other CMS's are easier to use and can do more than WordPress. Themes are extremely easy to find, and will not be any problem! With WordPress, you can have a blog up and running very quickly!

Drupal is a great CMS. It's one of the CMS's that's easy to use and easy to modify. But it's not one of the CMS's we would recommend because it's a bit more complicated to use. Drupal for sure is one of the fastest CMS's out there when you have caching and GZIP on, which makes your website take up less bandwidth and also render a lot faster. Themes can be limited, but you could always create one yourself.

Joomla is one of the CMS's that we can not say how much we love it. It's one of the easiest to use CMS's out there! You can install plugins, modules, templates to the system extremely easily from it's backend. It's very stable and is also one of the best for theming! It has so many themes that your choices will blow you away! It's something we would recommend if you are a starter, professinal, or anything else. It supports all of the masses out there! You can for sure get a website done fast with Joomla.

Mambo is actually very familiar to Joomla, because Joomla is based off Mambo. Like Joomla, it's very fast, sleek, and easy to use. A lot of people use Mambo, even businesses.

PHP-Nuke is for a different type of CMS. In PHP-Nuke, you can change the site to anything you'll like and also add new features to it too!

TYPO3 is for sure a CMS that is great for high use, for example, a business website that recieves many veiwers a day. It can be used for both a blog and  CMS. It's light-weight too!

- Newsletters -
When having a business, small business, or even a personal website, sometimes you would like to send out a news letter. Yes, there's software that can run on top of your CMS, but it would be great to have external software, and that's what we are going to talk about today. You really need to just see what you like best. There are other mailing systems, but these are the best in our opinion.

PHPList is for sure one lovely newsletter system. It's easy to use, and man, it for sure has a lot of features. You can easily link it to a form on your CMS, and let it handle all the work for you!

Mailman is for sure easy to use. It's better for managing discussions than PHPList, but PHPList does have losts of features in it. Mailman is different, so you should just try it to see if you like it.

There's some peices of software that can help you out! If you would like anything added to it, please let us know with our contact form!


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